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Continuing and Adult education is becoming more and more important, as our country’s business environment keeps changing. More people are looking to change careers now than ever before. Market Mapping plus Inc. can help you identify those individuals who are looking to make the change.

Through the use of surveys, self-reported data, and sophisticated computer modeling, we can identify and reach your most lucrative market segments. Are you looking to reach people who may want to attend college for the first time? If you are looking for people who have BA Degrees, and may be interested in a graduate program, we can help. How about people who have some college experience, but never completed their degrees? We can help!


This database is created three ways. First, we take survey data from marketing surveys that are sent nationwide and compile the Education answers for all adults in the home. Second, we use self-reported data from warranty cards and other such sources. Finally, using over 100 demographic variables, we create a computer profile of households with various educational levels. What does a high-school degree-holding household look like? A Pre-AA Degree, Post AA Degree, or BA Degree household? We then apply it to our overall file of over 95 million homes.

From this process we can identify those households that meet certain criterion. One key factor to remember, this is self-reported data. At times people don’t tell the truth, or may exaggerate their educational status. There are variances in the data that occur where a household is classified as Post AA Degree but is in fact a BA Degree household. Also, in a home where one person holds a BA Degree and the other person may have some college education both degrees are reflected in profile with the household being reported in the lower of the two-degree categories.

While some factors, such as mixed-degree households or incorrect self-reporting may affect the data, our experience shows that only about 0.3% of our database (one household in 300) is “misclassified,” either through the computer modeling process, failure to report actual education levels, or changes— such as divorce— to the household's status.

Using This List

Age, Income, and Number of Children are all ways to sort and select from this file. Numerous clients throughout the country— from Maine to Alaska, and from San Diego, California, to Miami, Florida— use our database with great success.

Contact us today for a count and pricing. We can deliver an excel spreadsheet in under a day so if quick turnaround is what you need, we can help you meet your deadline.

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