Specialty Lists - Lakeshore Homeowners

There is a lucrative and highly motivated market segment of people whose homes are on the water. Market Mapping plus Inc. has created a method of identifying these homes with unparalleled accuracy, so you can minimize waste and maximize your advertising dollars.

Waterfront homeowners live on the water for one reason. They love the lifestyle of waterfront living. Boating, relaxing, entertaining, and family life are just a few of the thousands of reasons waterfront homes are a lucrative upscale market.

This list is perfect for businesses who sell boats of all types and sizes, docks, insurance, landscaping, outdoor entertaining, fishing, water-sports equipment, seawalls, lake maintenance services— to name just a few.

Our program can save you over 80% on your marketing cost by focusing on those people closest to the water line. Lists by postal route or geographic area might still have names and addresses that are blocks inland.If your business relies on the waterfront, this list puts you there.


This database is created in using a patent-pending process of identifying those ZIP+4’s that are closest to a given area’s waterline. It doesn’t matter if you are along an ocean, the Great Lakes, and inland lake, or river, if there is a road within 300 or 950 feet of the water, we can capture all of the homes on, and immediately adjacent.

By identifying these homeowners at the smallest level of geography possible, Market Mapping plus Inc. has been able to lower your mailing costs significantly. In studies we have conducted nationwide, we find that our process, when compared to the previously used method of identifying waterfront homeowners, will save you over 80% in overall costs. Printing, postage and the mailing list itself will all cost less, due to the efficiency of precise targeting.

Make contact with these affluent and upscale homeowners, and don't waste money doing it. They live on the water for a reason! They love the outdoors and water related activites.

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