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Reaching the right person is an art. So much direct mail advertising is wasted on a “shotgun” approach, and businesses waste thousands of dollars on printing, postage, and a mailing list— that doesn’t specifically reach the their target market.

Every business has a selection of people who more or less likely to purchase their products or use their services. If you sell upscale chocolates, why mail to a household that make under $15,000 a year? If you sell garden tools and equipment, why send to renters?

Market Mapping plus Inc. has developed a highly personalized method of working with our clients to help you first identify, then reach your most lucrative prospective customers. The right mailing list isn’t about cost, it’s about results— the lists ability to bring in someone who is interested, able, and ready to buy!

Depending upon who you are trying to reach, and how, you may use one of a variety of types of list:

Demographic Lists

These lists use age, income, education, home value, dwelling type, length of residence, or many other factors to select the target (For a full list of demographic options, click here.) This will allow you to focus your message while keeping the cost manageable.

Lifestyle Lists

These lists use all of the elements of a demographic list, but add personal interest selection. You can select someone who is interested in sewing, boating, hunting, grandchildren, computers, travel, reading, owning pets, or many others (a wide range are available: Click here for a complete listing).

One thing to keep in mind: for very small mailers with limited geographic reach, the counts can be very low. Talk to us to see how you can expand your list selections to find the best selection of high-quality prospects.

Subscriber/Membership Lists

These lists can cover everything from magazine subscriptions, online registrations, and trade and personal organizations. You can find prospects base upon subscriptions and memberships, such as:

  • TIME magazine
  • Money Magazine
  • Better Homes and Gardens magazine
  • Canoe magazine
  • Members of different business association groups
  • Members of art musems
  • Members and donors to Public Television stations
  • People who purchase using 800 numbers or credit cards

Non-Profit lists

These lists contain donors to different types of non-profit organizations. They include political as well as non-political organizations, and the lists can be used by both commercial and non-profit organizations. Sample lists include:

  • March of Dimes donors
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) donors
  • Missionary Fund donors
  • American Red Cross donors
  • Public Television donors, for select stations
  • Art and Art Museum donors
  • Democratic/Republican Party donors

Please note that, when using Subscriber, Membership and Non-profit lists, the list owner may need to approve the mailer and the offer before renting their list.

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